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TOPIC: 2022 Popular facial devices

2022 Popular facial devices 1 year 11 months ago #6711

Facial devices are very popular because they make it easy to take care of pores and sagging skin at home. Recently, there are many different types of facial care devices that can be used in different ways and are sold by various manufacturers, so it is difficult to know which one to choose.

Facial care device also comes at a price, so you don't want to regret your purchase. Therefore, we would like to introduce our recommended products among the best-selling facial device in 2022 in the form of a popularity ranking.

In addition, we will also introduce the points to consider when selecting a facial device and reviews of each product, so please use them as a reference to find the product that is right for you.

How to choose a facial device

Before looking at the recommendations, let's first look at what to look for in a selection process to avoid regrets after buying.

Check the functions

There are many different functions in a single word facial device, depending on the product. If the product does not have the functions you are looking for, you may end up with no effect or unusable even if you buy it.
  • Wrinkles and sagging skin ⇒ Ultrasonic
  • Moisturizing ⇒ Ion induction
  • Pore care ⇒ Peeling function

If you choose one of these, you should be able to find the face lifting tool that best suits your needs.

Check waterproof function

Some people use facial device while relaxing in the bathtub. In such cases, it is important to choose a facial device that is waterproof.

If it is not waterproof, there is a possibility that it will get wet and malfunction, or suffer from problems such as electric shock.

2022 recommended facial devices

Here is a ranking of the best-selling facial massager. Please refer to the no-fail selection method mentioned earlier and the reviews we will introduce to find your favorite.

Bi Lulu Ultrasonic Facial Apparatus

This is a full-fledged complex facial machine that is also used in facial salons.

The EMS is more powerful than the previous model, the LED light has been changed to a new color, and the LCD screen is easier to read.

With six functions (electroporation, no-needle mesotherapy, EMS, vibration massage, LED photo facial, and high frequency) in one unit, it is very convenient to deal with various skin problems.

Being a facial device for adult skin, which has more and more problems, it can be used for various purposes from pore care to skin tightening, so it seems that any person can use it with confidence.

Furthermore, since it is rechargeable, you can easily take care of your skin anywhere, regardless of where you are.

The existing products had a good reputation for EMS, so we can expect even more from the new model. This one can be used on top of a pack, and it is also attractive that it can be used with cosmetics on hand.

L&L Skin VIA Face Massager

This is a very popular RF skin tightening facial device. It features three types of high-frequency waves (radio waves, extra pulse, and high-frequency waves) and unique thermal technology to warm the inside of the skin widely and quickly, and to evoke firmness by efficiently moving muscles that are not being used through electrical stimulation.

Also, you can rest assured that this one reduces the discomfort and pain of electricity, because we are reviewing the three types of high-frequency sine waves so that even those who are not comfortable with electrical stimulation can use this product.

It is also nice to know that it can be used for lines, sagging skin, double chins, etc.

The color of the unit is available in three different colors, so you can choose the color of your favorite facial care device every day. It is convenient because it can be used not only for the face but also for the body.

Ya-Man Photoplus EX

It is very popular because it is an all-in-one facial machine that can be used in 6 ways: removing, warming photo, tightening, moisturizing, toning, and micro-current.

It is a very nice feature that it can take care of pores and dirt by ionic conductivity, and also allows the beauty ingredients of beauty essence and lotion to permeate into the skin.

It is also easy to use, with two buttons for simple operation, and it is rechargeable, so it can be used anywhere. It is also convenient that you can use it according to your mood, from a 3-minute course to a relaxing 17-minute course on weekends.


With a face massage tool and facial device, you can easily take care of your skin at home without having to go to a beauty salon every time, which is both economical and very convenient. Please find your favorite facial device and take care of your skin every day to achieve beautiful, beautiful skin.
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